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The combination of knowledge and experience has enabled us to create everything that we offer. You can order online and have your vending machines delivered straight to a place you want.


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Who are we?

The company with over 20 years of experience in the production of machines offers Vending machines for selling fresh milk and other products such as eggs, cheese, cream, butter, as well as bottles for filling with fresh milk in the same vending machine. Vending 4 All is a compact device, equipped with a refrigerator, in which there is a 200-liter milk tank with an agitator and a dosing pump, the refrigerator is equipped with a hoist which is helpful when replacing empty tanks with full ones – it allows to insert the tank without force. The device informs the owner about the quantity of sales, the condition of milk in the tank, failures, open doors etc. Other features are: intuitive panel for selling milk, filling chamber disinfected with steam injection after each sale, 2 x 200 liter tanks equipped with an agitator, pump, washing head, inspection hatch and a wheel rack with a brake.An autonomous vending machine is located in one housing with the rest of the device, the vending machine has seven carousels divided into 4 to 21 compartments in which delicate products dedicated to sale can be placed. The machine is equipped with an independent payment system. It is is furnished with two independent systems, both cashless, one for buying milk, the other for buying bottles and other goods.

Well thought-out solutions, modernity, easy operation and good price are our motto and your way to success. Currently we have over a hundred machines operating in Europe and seven of them are located in Great Britain, we already have warranty and post-warranty service on this market. We also offer used machines at very attractive prices with a start-up guarantee.

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If you are a milk producer, you’ve come to the right place. Selling your natural product has never been easier. You just power up the milk machine and the people do the rest. Supply your town in milk, like it’s done in many places in whole world. We are there for you making vending machines fo over 10 years. Millions and millions happy and satisfied clients who have been selling their producs like milk, water and other with our service. We tried so hard to make our customers pleased. We build, deliver and maintain our products.

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Why our Milk Dispensers?

  • High quality of product
  • Competitive prices
  • 12-month warranty covering all elements of the automatic dispensers
  • Service facilities
  • 24-hour service on duty
  • Immediate service action – as early as 6 hours
  • Long-term experience in the sector
  • Easy operation of the dispensers
  • Well-thought-out and ergonomic solutions

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